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First of all – space for the furniture. This means that there should be at least an approximate vision along which wall (or 
multiple walls) the kitchen plant is planned to be built into. Also, important aspect is to identify the use of household appliances. For example, do you want a dishwasher to be built in the kitchen furniture, refrigerator that is free, or built in. Will cooker hood be built in or free standing. 
Another important aspect is design for the the kitchen equipment. Of course it depends on Your taste.  There isn’t a correct answer. Others prefer modern style, where kitchen furniture is ascetic, with straight regular forms. On the other hand there’s people who prefers classic style, where average style hasn’t changed for decades. Of course implementing new materials and techniques. 
An obvious question when ordering a kitchen unit is how much is it going to cost? And there isn’t one correct answer to this, because it depends on materials You choose, size of the kitchen and other things.
As soon as customer has chosen all the materials, approved design and all the questions have been answered, all the expenses are being calculated as a whole package. That includes designing, manufacturing, delivery and assembly of the furniture.

There is a huge verity of facade materials and surface types to choose from in kitchen manufacturing. Most popular facade materials, from whom kitchen furniture can be made include  EGGER laminate, acrylic, dyed MDF, polished MDF, various types of veneer, masonry, etc. For surface materials we would like to highlight artificial stone, or CORIAN, quartz working surfaces, various composites, ceramics, or DEXTON, masonry and well-known plastic coating worktops.

In close cooperation with our designers, customer is offered a full project of the new kitchen facility. Which includes drawings and 3D plots. To give the potential client a full visual picture of what the intended kitchen furniture might look like in reality.
Most often, when ordering a new kitchen plant, people choose to buy new household appliances as well.
Main thing to look at is the size and configuration of the kitchen room, so that it is possible to align your expectations with the technical capabilities. These aspect are taken into account when designer is designing the kitchen. In any case, all issues related to the use and selection of household appliances are covered at the ordering and designing of kitchen furniture. In the counselling and negotiating process, the client is informed about all the details and nuances associated with household appliances and plumbing in the kitchen plant.
Most often, client, eager to order a new kitchen plant, comes to us to talk and have a consultation. In general terms, we talk about needs, possibilities, technical solutions, materials. By the end of the conversation, there is already an idea, about the customer’s expectations, our capabilities, and about the range of total costs. Then, then, the potential customer makes a decision, if he wants to start working with us, or to prefer another manufacturer.
If the answer is positive, we can start working. Designers are preparing the full design of the kitchen, approving of materials, furnaces, working surface material, speaking out all issues related to the use of household appliances, as well as the time limits for making kitchen furniture.
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